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Abbreviation for: general aviation

Fr: GA


Canada: Abbreviation for: geographic area safe altitude


gate hold procedure

A procedure at selected airports to hold aircraft at the gate or another ground location whenever departure delays exceed or are anticipated to exceed 15 min. The sequence for departure will be maintained in accordance with initial call-up unless modified by flow control restrictions. Pilots should monitor ground control and clearance delivery frequencies for engine start-up advisories or a new proposed start time if the delay changes.

Fr: procédure d’attente à la barrière

gate time

For the application of flow control procedures, the original estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the aircraft over the metering fix.

Fr: heure à la porte de minutage


ICAO: Abbreviation for: ground-based augmentation system



Abbreviation for: ground controlled approach


GCA controller

A duty controller assigned to a ground controlled approach position.

Fr: contrôleur GCA

general aviation

All civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration or hire.

  • abbreviation: GA

Fr: aviation générale

geographic area safe altitude

Canada: The altitude at which an aircraft can fly and maintain a 2000-ft clearance over known obstacles or terrain within a delineated geographic area, as depicted on en route charts.

  • abbreviation: GASA

Note: This term was replaced by the term area minimum altitude (AMA) on April 18, 2002.

Fr: altitude de sécurité de région géographique

glide path

A descent profile determined for vertical guidance during a final approach segment.

  • abbreviation: GP
  • also called: glide slope (GS)

Fr: alignement de descente


A non-power-driven heavier-than-air aircraft that derives its lift in flight from aerodynamic reactions on surfaces that remain fixed during flight.

Fr: planeur

glide slope

Other expression for: glide path (GP)

  • abbreviation: GS
global navigation satellite system

Any navigation system that satisfies stated international navigational requirements using satellite technology. A complete GNSS may include satellites provided by various states and commercial groups and may be complemented by ground systems used to augment and monitor the satellites.

Fr: système mondial de navigation par satellite

global orbiting navigation satellite system

A navigation system based on the transmission of signals from satellites provided and maintained by the Russian Federation and available to civil aviation users.

Fr: système mondial de satellites de navigation

global positioning system

A navigation system based on the transmission of signals from satellites provided and maintained by the United States of America and available to civil aviation users.

Fr: système de positionnement mondial


Abbreviation for: global orbiting navigation satellite system



Abbreviation for: global navigation satellite system


“Go ahead”

An expression used in radiocommunication meaning “Proceed with your message.”

Note: This expression should not be used in surface movement communications whenever the possibility exists of misconstruing “Go ahead” as an authorization for an aircraft or vehicle to proceed.

Fr: « Continuez »

“Go around”

An expression used in radiocommunications to instruct a pilot to abandon an approach or landing.

Fr: « Remettez les gaz »


The procedure followed by a pilot who decides to abandon an approach or landing.

Fr: remise des gaz


Abbreviation for: glide path

Fr: GP


Abbreviation for: global positioning system


ground-based augmentation system
ICAO: Expression for: local area augmentation system (LAAS)
  • abbreviation: GBAS
ground control

An ATC service provided for the purpose of:

(a) preventing collisions on the manoeuvring area between aircraft and between aircraft and obstacles or vehicles; and

(b) expediting and maintaining an orderly flow of aircraft operating on the manoeuvring area.

Fr: contrôle sol

ground controlled approach

A radar approach controlled from the ground by ATC personnel who transmit instructions to the pilot by radio.

Note: In Canada, this service is provided by military ATC.

Fr: approche contrôlée du sol

ground controller

A duty controller assigned to the ground control position in an airport control tower.

Fr: contrôleur sol

ground effect

The aerodynamic force caused by the reduction of induced drag and resulting in an increase in normal lift for an aircraft flying in close proximity to the surface of the ground or water.

Fr: effet de sol

ground return

The desired echoes received from the ground by an airborne radar.

Fr: écho de sol


The area of an aerodrome not intended to be used for activities related to aircraft operations and to which the public normally has unrestricted access.

Fr: côté ville

Other expression for: taxi
ground-to-air communication
One-way communication from stations or locations on the surface of the earth to aircraft.
Fr: communications dans le sens sol-air
ground traffic

All traffic, other than aircraft, on the manoeuvring and runway protected areas, such as vehicles, equipment and personnel.

Fr: trafic au sol

ground visibility

In respect of an aerodrome, the visibility at that aerodrome as contained in a weather observation reported by

(a) an ATC unit;

(b) an FSS or FIC;

(c) a community aerodrome radio station (CARS);

(d) an automated weather observation system (AWOS) used by the Department of Transport, the Department of National Defence or the Atmospheric Environment Service for the purpose of making aviation weather observations; or

(e) a radio station that is ground-based and operated by an air operator.

Fr: visibilité au sol


Abbreviation for: glide slope

Fr: GS

“. . . guard”

DND: An expression used in radiocommunications to indicate emergency frequency 243.0 MHz.

Note: An example would be “Monitor guard.”

Fr: fréquence d’urgence
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