Admission to Flight Test — Initial

In order to be admitted to a flight test required for the initial issue of an Instrument Rating, and to meet the requirements of CAR Standard 421.14, the candidate will present:

  1. a valid original government-issued photo identification with signature;
  2. a valid Pilot Licence;
  3. a letter of recommendation from a qualified person in accordance with 425.21(9) certifying that:
  1. the candidate meets the requirements of CAR 421.14(4)(d);
  2. the candidate is considered competent to complete the flight test for the Instrument Rating; and
  3. the candidate is recommended for the flight test.
  1. proof of having successfully completed the written examination INRAT Instrument Rating (Helicopter) within the previous 24 months (CAR 400.03).

Note 1:  A candidate that is the holder or has held a valid group 1, 2 or 3 IFR rating within the previous 24 months is considered as a renewal candidate.

Note 2: The successful completion of a flight test is one of the prerequisites for an application for the issuance of an Instrument Rating. Once all of the prerequisites are met, the candidate may submit an application directly to a Transport Canada office or through the services of an Authorized Person.

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