2. IFR Operational Knowledge (Ground Item)

Note: Acceptable performance on this item is considered mandatory during the ground portion of the flight test, but it will also be evaluated during the air portion.


To determine that the candidate has sufficient knowledge of IFR procedures to safely conduct a flight under Instrument Flight Rules.


The candidate will demonstrate a practical knowledge of IFR procedures by responding to a brief series of oral questions posed by the examiner that pertain to the planned flight and other questions pertinent to IFR flight in other areas.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate’s ability to demonstrate, prior to departure, sufficient practical knowledge of IFR procedures to ensure a safe flight, such as:

  1. take-off weather limits;
  2. departure procedures;
  3. missed approach and departure procedures - climb gradient;
  4. take-off minima – weather below landing minima;
  5. alternate weather minima;
  6. enroute procedures;
  7. approach ban;
  8. landing minima;
  9. RVOP and LVOP;
  10. icing encounters;
  11. approach charts; and
  12. altitude correction chart (cold temperature correction).
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