9. Missed Approach


To determine the candidate’s ability to safely carry out a missed approach, as published or as modified by ATC.


Following a VOR, LOC, LOC/BC, NDB, RNAV(GNSS), LPV or an ILS approach, the candidate will carry out a missed approach. The candidate will control the helicopter solely with reference to flight instruments.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate’s ability to:

  1. promptly initiate the missed approach at the MAP/MAWP or the DH/DA;
  2. report beginning the missed approach procedure;
  3. comply with the published missed approach procedure or missed approach instructions from ATC;
  4. notify ATC (or the examiner) anytime there is an inability to comply with a clearance, restriction, or climb gradient;
  5. perform the check items appropriate to the go-around procedure;
  6. request another approach clearance, a clearance to an alternate airport or as directed by the examiner;
  7. maintain recommended airspeeds (±10 knots);
  8. maintain heading, track or bearing (±10 degrees); and
  9. climb to and maintain the published missed approach altitude, or as cleared by ATC or the examiner (±100 feet).
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